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Autor Wątek: Wybór Kard. Tedeschini abo inszego Kardynała  (Przeczytany 1010 razy)
Hugues de Payns
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« dnia: Sierpnia 01, 2023, 10:58:07 am »

Poniższą treść proszę sobie przetłumaczyć (tłumaczenie mniey więcey, zaznaczać y kopiować całe części textu) tu

Proszę o wyrozumiałość, iż poniższy text iest w ięzyku w którym iest.

The election of Card. Tedeschini or another Cardinal

This topic will discuss the possible Papacy of Cardinal Federico Tedeschini and the election of Card. Siri as the Pope probably considered by many people to be unserious; and not only. The Catholic Church is The Mystical Body of The Lord Jesus Christ, and the Pope is His visible head on earth. It is therefore necessary to thoroughly trace the Life of The Lord Jesus when He was on earth to understand what happened, is happening now and will happen with His Mystical Body.

The Lord Jesus lived on earth and taught until the certain time, after which He was captured so that the Mystery of Redemption could be fulfilled, so His purpose of stay on earth. Please compare this now with the Life of His Mystical Body. Successive Popes are the Life of The Lord Jesus on earth and His teaching, until the certain time, until the time of His seizure, when He no longer taught and the Mystery of Redemption began to be fulfilled. So, since the seizure of His Mystical Body at the Conclave in 1958, there is no Pope because Peter the Apostle at that time (during the events of the seizure of The Lord Jesus in the Olive Garden) was not yet the Pope (the first). Please trace now look the history of the strange Conclave of 1958 (please watch out for the redirection (link) to "the Code of Canon Law of 1917" from the following link given the speech about its forgery in the enclosure of this topic )

And this, as for the current state of Israel - check in the True Holy Bible the footnote to the Words "(...) also the sons of the criminals of your people will rise up, to fulfil the vision, and they will fall." the Book of Daniel [11:14].

According to Prince Paul Scortesco, a cousin of two members of the Noble Guard (one of them was the commander of this Guard) responsible for the protection of the Conclave, in 1958 Cardinal Tedeschini was elected, and in 1963 Cardinal Siri. After the letter was announced and in it or later that b'nai b'rith lodge was responsible for this, he was found burned alive in his bed.

According to wikipedia, Marquis de La Franquerie claims that Card. Siri was elected in 1958 and 1978. Translation into so-called English in the browser function next to the asterisk next to the address bar (upper right corner, when entering the website, the option "whether to translate" pops up, with the chrome browser) and on the very bottom is the sentence "At the end of his life, he maintained that Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, Archbishop of Genoa, was elected Pope during the Conclaves of 1958 and 1978, asis often evoked in the sedevacantist movement.".

Former FBI consultant claims that according to a well-informed Italian priest and US intelligence, in 1958 Card. Siri was elected.

Does Malachi Martin admit that the pressure was put on Cardinal Siri at the Conclave in 1963 not to accept the Papacy,  and not that he accepted it and renounced it ?

It seems to me that the most credible are the testimonies of Prince Paul Scortesco (the ones at the very top).

We know that on October 26, 1958, the Pope was elected because the white smoke was floating, about what reported the Secretary of the Conclave of Cardinals Bishop Santaro, the Vatican Radio and the newspapers recorded. However, the Pope did not appear. I do not know who he was. Please read information about Cardinal Tedeschini to find out that his election as the Pope would be understandable. Interestingly, translated from the so-called Polish "As one of the not numerous cardinals he was buried in the grottoes of the Vatican Basilica." (the last sentence from )

What happened then was almost 2000 years ago. The Pope personifying the teaching of The Lord Jesus, Who voluntarily gave Himself to the soldiers in the Olive Garden, who came for Him the Gospel according to St. John [10:17-18]. Thus now, the newly elected Pope on October 26, 1958, who did not appear, voluntarily gave the Mystical Body of the Lord Jesus (i.e. the Catholic Church), Whose he was the visible head on earth in captivity to soldiers i.e. jewmasonry by the waiver of the Papacy (The Lord Jesus did not already teach at that time, He was captured).

Then he lived as indicated to the Papacy because Peter the Apostle was not yet the Pope at that time and because the Gospel according to St. Matthew [26:52-58], the Gospel according to St. John [18:11,15-16].

In 1963 another Cardinal could be elected (please read information about Cardinal Siri to learn that his election as Pope would be understandable) but he did not accept the Papacy because Peter the Apostle was not yet the Pope at that time and denied three times. Maybe that is why alternately white and black smoke if it was like that, according to the article in the link (commentary 107) "According to The Sheboygan Press of June 20, 1963, the white-smoke / black-smoke phenomenon-of-confusion occurred for 8 minutes in the 1963 conclave.".

The Gospel according to St. Matthew [26:69-75], the Gospel according to St. Mark [14:66-72], the Gospel according to St. Luke [22:55-62], the Gospel according to St. John [18:16-18,25-27].

Taking the above into consideration and from the above link with the description of the Conclave in 1958, we know that white smoke appeared on October 26, so the elected in that time Pope could renounce the Papacy because the Gospel according to St. John [10:17-18] and instructions in the Prophecies and in the Third Secret of Fatima (and maybe even the decisions of The Lord Jesus communicated by the Mother of God if it could be so) if the newly elected Pope read it or knew about it. Elected as the Pope during the Conclave in 1963, the Cardinal did not accept the Papacy, and then denied three times during the Conclave held during the anticouncil of Vatican II, e.g. three times declaring that he will not accept the Papacy or that he is not a Traditionalist or a Catholic toward jewmasonry or "voting" for heretic etc.; or during Vatican II anticouncil (e.g. signing anticouncil documents, allowing for certain things, actions "For some years. I did wrong, for I would have avoided completing certain actions. ... I wish to say - but I am afraid to say it - making certain mistakes." or passing over in silence, etc.), which anticouncil, it seems to me, depicts The Lord Jesus in front of the council of the highest priests and pharisees, antipope Paul VI depicts the highest priest Caiaphas in the costume of the Highest Priest

""I say this because I have great remorse. I have faith in the forgiveness of the Lord, and, therefore, I am at peace. During the first two conclaves in which I participated, my candidature was presented by an influential cardinal. He himself told me that all the French were behind him. The others, then, followed the French. The Germans held back, but gradually, along the way, joined the rest. I said no, and if you elect me I will say no. I have made a mistake, I understand it today. Today? For some years. I did wrong, for I would have avoided completing certain actions.  .  .I wish to say — but I am afraid to say it — making certain mistakes. Therefore I have had great remorse and I have asked forgiveness of God. I hope that God forgives me.""

"So what does it mean when Siri tells us that during the conclave the French fell in line behind their leader to vote for him, with the Germans finally giving way and joining the rest? There went his opposition! Think about it. Any man running for any office already has his allies' votes; if his enemies gradually switch to his side, it's in the bag, a done deal. He'll be a shoo-in! Given the situation with all its ramifications, however, Siri is naturally skeptical. Suspecting a set-up, he tells them to forget it, he won't cooperate, saying that "if you elect me I will say no." But is this his final decision? Or does he in fact later back down? Other cardinals have been known to refuse the papal office at first, only finally to accept on a later ballot when the vote became overwhelming, as it seems to have been here. To repeat, if the French and German cardinals, i.e., the opposition, were voting for Siri, the total count in his favor must have been next to unanimous. With that kind of pressure, how could he refuse, especially if his election is seen as the Will of God? For the Holy Ghost, after all, is the One who ultimately chooses the pope. The cardinals, assuming they follow the rules, simply act as his agents. And even if in this instance a Masonic minority had ulterior motives, Siri could not dismiss the true and proper action of the Holy Ghost acting through the conclave as a whole, difficult as the situation had become. Indeed, this might account for his comment at the beginning about "A newly elected Pope –– barring a miracle, and the Lord doesn't do unnecessary miracles — what does he know, poor man, of the task awaiting him?"".

The Gospel according to St. Matthew [26:56], the Gospel according to St. Mark [14:50], the Gospel according to St. John [19:38] Catholic Bishops and Priests have been hiding from jews.

We are currently waiting for the election of the Pope, the Apocalypse of St. John [12:1-5].

The last Pope was not Pope Pius XII.

So just in case enclosed (appendix 1) the text from this website (commentary 107)
and and all links at the bottom of the website ("Related Articles:")

Taking the above into consideration one should recognise, "the Holy Orders" and "the Episcopal Consecrations" "administered" by bp. Thuc (after October 27, 1958) and fr. Achille Lienart for null and non-existent.
Now, please check if you deal with persons disguised as bishops and priests.

Please notice that The Lord Jesus says about it the Gospel according to St. Matthew [24:3-5], the Gospel according to St. Mark [13:3-6], the Gospel according to St. Luke [21:7-8], and it probably will happen before the outbreak of the war, it is possible that the third world war, so this probably is happening now because this war will break out, in years, already soon if it seems to me right.
Currently, the 1958 sect, lefebvrists, sedeprivationists, the sect of mr. Mark Pivarunas, the sect of mr. Martín Dávila Gándara, the sect of mr. Kelly, the sect of mr. Dolan, conclave sects, etc. claim that it is them are The Mystical Body of The Lord Jesus, that it is them are The Christ.

Heresies of antipope John XXIII in anti-Enciclical "Pacem in Terris" points 9, 10 and 14 that each human (infidels, heretics, etc. even unbaptised) are God's children and saved and that this is where their dignity comes from, and about religious freedom in point 14  (generally please beware this website) y tu,10206.msg243994.html#msg243994

Moreover, the Gospel according to St. Luke [17:22] seems to confirm this all. That these Words refer to the End Times is indicated by the following verses of the Holy Bible.

So just in case appendix 2.
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Tolerancja ???, Nie toleruję TOLERANCJI!!!

« Odpowiedz #1 dnia: Sierpnia 01, 2023, 11:09:00 am »

Szanowny Panie, Forum Krzyż jest polskojęzyczne, zatem proszę o wklejenie tłumaczenia Pańskiego postu i ewentualny odnośnik do źródła, bądź o tłumaczenie i oryginał.
Fakt, że Franciszek ma genialny pomysł na naprawę łodzi Piotrowej - skoro do połowy wypełniona jest ona wodą, to wybicie dziury w dnie sprawi że woda się wyleje. W wannie zawsze działa...(vanitas)

Ignorancja katolików to żyzna gleba, na której gęsto wzrasta chwast herezji.

Jezuitów należy skasować
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